Net Asset Values

08/06/2018 P class I class
Margin of Safety Fund (Eur)  4,550.42 € 4,689.58 €
Margin of Safety Fund (USD)  5,354.03 $ 5,517.76 $
The Net Aset Value of Margin of Safety Fund is calculated weekly (every Friday, or the Bank Business Day in Luxembourg and in France before, where Friday is a bank holiday in Luxembourg and/or in France)

NAV Historical table


Prior to making any investment decision regarding the fund, one is required to obtain and read the "Prospectus-KIID". It is the investor's responsibility, before any investment decision is made, to seek guidance from his/her own advisers as to whether this Fund is subject or not to any restriction, and especially that the investor does not come from a country where the laws prohibit or regulate access to such investment vehicles.